Barzona's News

First Gameplay Video!

2015-10-27 01:29:30 by Barzona

I plan to finish this beast one day.

>The Mite and the Meteor<

Please watch the demo.

Crematory Bot

2015-10-17 20:23:11 by Barzona

Working on the app icon for the game. It's been awhile since I've used Illustrator and I'm starting to remember why I love it.


Burial Bob

2015-09-14 02:43:18 by Barzona

Smash zombies through the night. This game was fun to make and is actually a little fun to play. Still have 2.6 more games to make.


Games within Games

2015-09-03 03:32:30 by Barzona

Including arcade games in the adventure has been surprisingly problem-free. Gotta finish this one, then start work on the other three.


In this game, you'll feed body parts to crocodiles... until..


Wall of Fans

2015-08-29 00:03:04 by Barzona

Working on a big puzzle, but instead of actually working on what the puzzle is, I've just been working on the visuals. Bad me.

Once all the fans come on, you've done it right.


Fixing game Images

2015-08-14 14:42:42 by Barzona

So, I just got my Mac back and noticed that all of the art assets I had created using my laptop were incredibly dark and totally not the way I had intended. I was mortified. Luckily, Photoshop is awesome and I was able to fix all of it in an instant. I can't believe all of the art I had been showing up to this point was looking so bad...



New BG


Walls within walls.

2015-08-08 23:35:52 by Barzona

Got very little coding done today despite how much there is to fix, but I got a lot of art done.



The last few days have been stressful trying to put together this game quickly, but I've made some good progress. I tried turning one of my crude level sketches into a bad painting. voila


Pitch black color changes.

2015-07-29 01:15:07 by Barzona

Weird occurences are springing up from my new color transform stuff, but this one was a nice coincidence. Still have to work it out..



Working on the first boss...

2015-07-25 00:06:01 by Barzona

Short hiatus to recuperate my health a little.

Some stupid little progress today. Phoenix can now die (demo only), has a few more attacks, and I'm slowly building the a.i. up for her. Changed some of the mite's attacks to look cooler. Also have some faux particle effects now.

Oh, I wish I could create 3D objects and make a 2.5D game. Imagine all the possibilities that would open up with lighting effects and stuff..

If I finish this boss, I can actually say that a level is officially completed.